AABE Scholarships

The AABE FL Scholarship Program is a statewide competitive application process that gives to the most talented, high potential, under-represented groups of graduating high school seniors who plan to study STEM fields in college. Our scholars are selected based on their academic achievement, extracurricular activities, writing ability, and desire to pursue an energy-related career.

The purpose of the AABE-FL Scholarship is to assist African American, Hispanic, and Native American students with the cost of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in energy-related fields at an accredited college or university.

The AABE-FL Scholarship rewards high school students throughout the state of Florida who excel in math and science with financial assistance for post-secondary education.  In addition, AABE-FL supports scholarship recipients (“AABE Scholars”) who meet established academic standards throughout their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree with recurring scholarships.  The “AABE Scholars” scholarship application will be sent directly to eligible candidates as this is renewed annually.

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