Florida AABE Regional Coordinators

Meet The AABE Florida Regional Coordinators

Maicel Green

NW Regional Coordinator

Corey Johnson

Central FL Regional Coordinator/Golf Tournament Committee
Toshawnka “Tosh” Walker

Toshawnka “Tosh” Walker

South Florida Regional Coordinator
Regional Coordinators –

The Chapter shall have four (4) Regional Coordinators.

  • Northwest Region
  • Northeast Region
  • Central Florida Region
  • South Florida Region
  • Be a leader of AABE members in a designated geographical region
  • Helps area to develop and maintain local projects and programs
  • Responsible for the professional development of the members of his / her region
  • Assist with membership recruitment
  • Submit a mid-month activity report to the Executive Committee by and work with the Executive Committee and other are coordinators on programs and issues pertinent to the growth of the organization
  • Attend and report on regional activities at the quarterly chapter’s General Membership meetings
  • Each coordinator shall select a Steering Committee:
    • The duties / events of each region’s Steering Committee will include coordination of the following:
      • Committee Outreach – Create and implement a regional community outreach program
      • Service Projects – Create other community service project opportunities that shares the AABE mission]
      • Student Outreach – Coordinate and execute a BEAM (Blacks Energy Awareness Month) project which is acknowledged in October. BEAM, and annual interactive learning program for middle, high school and college students to increase their knowledge about the energy industry, technology and various career opportunities. The Regional Coordinators must submit their BEAM project to the President by August 31. The President shares the Chapter’s BEAM projects to AABE National in September.